WCA in a few words

For financially savvy entrepreneurs and executive leaders of mid-caps and privately held companies in Europe, who are eager to optimize their financing, Weghsteen Capital Advice (WCA) is an expert in structuring stockholders’ equity through long-term financing operations, entirely focused on effectiveness and efficiency, doing away with all waste of time and energy not tied to tangible results. In that sense, WCA is very different from private banks, investment banks and other asset management firms.

As an advisor dedicated to achieving the best performance on behalf of its Clients, WCA draws on decades-worth of practical experience gained in prestigious financial firms of the continent to deliver tailored advice and focused execution. WCA offers and all-round approach to specific needs of each investor in structuring each deal, as its leaders strongly believe that individual priorities and constraints make it impossible to offer optimal results through standard structures.

WCA does so by specializing in the combination of three main areas:

  • financial engineering, aiming at optimizing cash-flows over time and across legal entities involved in the structures crafted with great attention to meeting the needs of individual investors,
  • private equity operations involving tailored financial solutions, e.g. leveraged buy-outs,
  • public offerings of long-term financing products (equity, asset-backed securities).


WCA operates with a compact, high-performance team, which gets extended with external experts based on the demands of Client projects. One of the strengths of the Company lies in its ability to access top-notch professionals in various international markets in order to best serve Clients.

Executive directors

Pictures above were shot by photographer Arnaud Du Jardin in September 2013.

Non-executive directors