About Weghsteen Capital Advice

Weghsteen Capital Advice (WCA) is an advisory firm specializing in helping Clients structure long-term financial resources to achieve their goals in the most efficient manner. WCA is registered as a consulting company in Brussels, Belgium, does not offer any financial services and does not solicit investors in any way. To gain an insight about:

Principal office & identification

Weghsteen Capital Advice S.A.
Avenue Lloyd Georges 6, boîte 3,
1000 Bruxelles

Company number: 0898.759.933.

Authorized representatives & directors

WCA’s authorized representatives are:

  • Ms Nadia De Wachter
  • Mr Marco Mennella

WCA’s directors are:

  • Ms Nadia De Wachter (executive)
  • Mr Marco Mennella (executive)
  • Mr Vincent Weghsteen (non-executive)
  • Mr Paul Blontrock (non-executive, compliance officer)