WCA services in short

WCA is a professional service firm specializing in long term financing operations. With a combined experience of several decades, the people working for WCA bring together experience, creativity and expertise to deliver solutions tailored to meet the peculiar needs of each client.

Why our approach is just what you need

While past experience and knowledge – e.g. about the financial, legal, tax and administrative framework of jurisdictions involved in an operation – are essential assets, we do believe it is critical to consider the individual parameters of each client in our effort to structure their long term financing. Indeed, each of your goals gives rise to considerations that are tightly related to your personal, family and professional situation. Since WCA is primarily interested in effectiveness and efficiency of solutions delivered, we do make it a point to generate tailored approaches for each project, in your very best interest.

What WCA does specifically

WCA provides advisory services rooted in the vast experience of the people working for the firm as well as turnkey tailored financial structures created to achieve specific goals for the midcap businesses or individual investors involved. WCA offers to:

  • guide you in assessing the current financial structure and its limitations,
  • define very clearly the end goal in structuring your long-term financial resources,
  • identify and select lawyers, auditors, tax and other experts using our international network,
  • support you in transitioning from current to future financial structure in a way that delivers the best financial value and minimizes unwanted friction,
  • all-inclusive service to manage required structures – set-up and manage all required legal entities, including any funds and special purpose vehicles aiming at offering securities to the public, on a day-to-day basis through to the achievement of the goals defined with you

How we will work for you

WCA has a proven staged approach to Client projects, which starts with advisory services and dedicated work sessions to build your tailored solution by leveraging some of the most respected experts in the WCA network. WCA is also your partner for setting-up and organizing the chosen structure and, when required, will also take the responsibility of management for that structure and any special purpose vehicles involved.


When working with us you can expect

When choosing WCA as your partner in structuring your long-term financing for optimum performance, you:

  • secure uncompromising advice from experienced professionals
  • deal with people who will tell you what you need to know and not necessarily only what you’d enjoy hearing
  • ensure swift and effective transition from your initial situation to the agreed financial structure
  • achieve high performance through optimum financial structuring without wasting time and money on non-core aspects of the service
  • have an all-inclusive management service that will take care of all aspects of domiciliation, coordination, day-to-day management and fulfillment of all legal obligations